MetamorphosisCheesewringD10-Bee Eater(W)Adrian Davey-Launceston CC wb
229-European Roller with prey(W)-Adrian Davey-Launceston CC wb01 Gateway to Nowhere Val Carpenter 1st Place01 Beached body Alan Vanier Highly Commended10 Heather Bodle BreakingOut The Mist First Place
D01-Attingham House, staircase-Don Easter-LauncestonCC01 Pedro Landers On the Moscow River Commended01 Ian Smith Opel First Place ColourD11-Castlerigg-Nick Bodel-Launceston CC 28 wb
005-Haws End-Heather Bodle-Launceston CC wbD12-Red Footed Falcon with Vole(W)-Adrian Davey-Launceston CC wb021-Ightham Mote-Nick Bodle-Launceston CC wbD13-Painted Lady-Nicole Doidge-Launceston CC wb
037-Just Sitting-Chris Robbins-Launceston CC wbD14-Fallen Tree-Ian Smith wb053-Johna with Harp-John Davey-Launceston CC wbD15-Kingfisher Confrontation(W)-Robin Stanbridge-Launceston CC wb
069-The Reality of Life-Chris Robbins-Launceston CC wbD01-Labyrinth Spider(W)-Geoff Trevarthan-Launceston CC wb085-The Jailer-Nick Bodle-Launceston CC wbD02-Swan Lake-Heather Bodle-Launceston CC wb
101-The Qaurry Track-Nick Bodle-Launceston CC wbD03-Water Drop Rapier-Hugh Letheren-Launceston CC wb117-Eric-Ian Smith-Launceston CC wbD04-Male Speckled Bush Cricket(W)-Geoff Trevarthen-Launceston CC wb
133-Serenity-Heather Bodle-Launceston CC wbColin the SheperdD05-Long Tailed Tit(W)-Chris Robbins-Launceston CC-10 wb149-Coastal Impressions-Heather Bodle-Launceston CC wb
02 Angie Cook Road to the Isles Commended03 Tracey Small Autumn Highly CommendedD02-225KG-Paul Farrington-LauncestonCC02 Broad Bodied Chaser and Water Lillies Adrian Davey 1st Place
02 Heather Bodle Misty Flight 1st Place02 Heather Bodle Mountain Hut 3rd Place01 Mike Pettett Dark Days Second Place MonoD06-Crackington Haven-Nick Bodle-Launceston CC wb
165-Canary Wharf Walk-ValCarpenter-Launceston CC wbD07-The Bishop Rock Lighthouse-Chris Robbins-Launceston CC wb181-Black Shadow-Geoff Trevarthen-Launceston CC wbD08-Black veined Whites(W)-Adrian Davey-Launceston CC wb
197-Thinking -Geoff Trevarthen- Launceston CC 16 wbD09-Godrevey Splash-Heather Bodle-Launceston CC wb213-Domes-Mike Pettett-Launceston CC wbHornet in Flight
03 highly com. Mike Pettett Striped Hawk Moth on Bougainvillea (W)04 Geoff Trevarthen Female Noble False Widow with prey CommendedD03-.Passing Waves-Heather Bodle-Launceston CC03 Hilary Phillips Penhallam Woods Commended
03 Ian Smith  Belstone Tor 2 2nd Place03 Chris Robbins The Girl in the Black Hat(1st Colour Print and OVERALL WINNER) CommendedSilverSurfer04 Iron Oxide Geoff Trevarthen Highly Commended
04 ValCarpenter The Cold Shoulder wb 2nd Place Colour Print04 D3-Great Crested Grebe with catch-Adrian Davey-Launceston CC Highly Commended02 Hilary Phillips Star Flowers Highly CommendedD04-Water Colours-Hugh Letheren-Launceston CC
04 Dartmoor Ponies Geoff Trevarthen Highly Commended04 Heather Bodle Buttermere Pines 3rd Place04 Chris Robbins Rochdale Highly Commended02 Heather Bodle Lakeland Views Third Place Mono
Starling Swarm05 2nd= Hilary Phillips Male Common Blue Butterfly W05 Marty Les Bennett 1st Place04 Nick Bodle Misty Morning Buttermere = Second Place
05 No refuge from the Storm Nick Bodle Second PlaceD05-Waiting-Ian Smith-Launceston CC05 Pedro Landers Palouse Dawn 1st Place05 Ian Smith  Belstone Tor 1 Highly Commended
05 Hugh Letheren Brooklyn Bridge Highly Commended04 Chris Robbins Lady in Black( HC in Mono)03 Hugh Letheren Just Few Drops-PS7 Highly Commended ColourElizabeth with her best Friend
06 Bodies in clay Chris Robbins Highly Commended Colour Print07 Mike Pettett Coffee Break Commended05 Homeward Bound Heather Bodle-Highly Commended07 Adrian Davey Common Blue 2nd place
D06-White legged Snake Millipede(W)-Chris Robbins-LauncestonCC03 Nick Bodle Scotney Castle First Place MonoFrostMorningPostbridge07 Musical Bodyshop Mike Stickney 1st Place Colour Print
07 Jon Boy Tracey Small 3rd Place07 Mike Pettett Eagle Owl Highly Commended03 Mike Stickney Home time Second PlaceD07-Common Snipe(W)-Adrian Davey-LauncestonCC
07 Ian Smith  Misty Morning Commended07 Mike Stickney ipad bedtime Highly Commended08 2nd= Chris Robbins White-legged Snake Millipede - Tachypodoiulus niger(W)08 Ian Smith Passion for traveling wb Commended Colour Print
08 Cropped Geoff Trevarthen Commended08 Hugh Letheren Three in a Row Commended04 Hugh Letheren Cotehele Leaves First PlaceD08-Male Red Footed Falcon preening(W)-Adrian Davey-Launceston CC
08 Hugh Letheren Portrait Commended09 Hugh Letheren Musical Bodies wb 1st Place Mono Print04 Mike Stickney Green wave  Highly CommendedD09-West Burton Falls-Nick Bodle-Launceston CC
09 Plum Island Town Beach at Dawn Pedro Landers Commended05 Chris Robbins Autumn Encapsulated Third Place Colour10 Tough Guys Mike Stickney Commended Mono PrintD10-Every Poppy is a soldier-Ian Smith-Launceston CC
10 Chris Robbins St Agnes 2nd Place10 Chris Robbins A Proud Countryman 1st Place11 Cattle Ian Smith Highly Commended11 Emily in a hat ValCarpenter 2nd Place
20 Hilary Phillips Iris and Lace CommendedD11-Eject-Paul Farrington-Launceston CC11 Hugh Letheren Hungarian Parliament Commended08 Heather Bodle East Okement and Farm 1st Place
09 Chris Robbins Hattie(3rd Colour prints)07 Mike Stickney Ghostly Encounter Highly Commended Colour12 Nick Bodle Tintagel Church Commended13 highly com Hilary Phillips Green Orb-Weaver Spider- w
D12-Geronimo!-Geoff Trevarthen-Launceston CC06 Mike Stickney Caught by the wind Third PlaceD13-Safe Hands-Ian Smith-Launceston CC13 Heather Bodle Dartmoor Snow Scape 3rdPlace
11 Mike Pettett Amelie 2nd Place15 Blue on Yellow  Adrian Davey Second Place07 Geoff Trevarthen Gwithian Highly CommendedD14-Green Orb-Weaver Spider(W)- Hilary Philips-Launceston CC
14 Bruce Paul Farrington Highly Commended16 highly com Chris Robbins Red Deer Stag and Hinds15 On Tip Toe Val Carpenter 2nd place08 Mike Stickney Leap of faith Highly Commended
D15-Belvedere, Tuscan dawn-Annabel Yates-LauncestonCC16 Passing Waves Heather Bodle 3rd Place16 Little Evie Chris Robbins Highly Commended16 Ian Smith Llandudno Commended
P005-Lone Tree-Nick-Bodle-Launceston CC16 Ian Smith  Nearly Home Highly Commended16 Adrian Davey Senorita 1 Commended12 Heather Bodle Snowdrops Commended Colour
19 1st prints 2nd overall Broad Bodied Chaser with dew Adrian Davey17 Odd one out Geoff Trevarthen Commended19 Hugh Letheren Pastel Shades Commended19 Heather Bodle Lone Tree Second Place =
16 Slaughter Paul Farrington-First Place10 Hilary Phillips Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary First PlaceP021-Rosie in Black-John Davey-Launceston CC20 Nick Bodle Tranquil Morning Dertwent Highly Commended
11 Geoff Trevarthen Trees at Sunset Second PlaceP037-The Housekeeper-Mike Pettett-Launceston CC19 Winter Light Heather Bodle Third PlaceP053-Feminine Beauty-John Davey-Launceston CC
19 Heather Bodle Mist Over Derwent Commended22 3rd Hilary Phillips Speckled Bush-Cricket Nymph on Cosmos W20 How Many- Hilary Phillips Commended21 Adrian Davey Golden Eagle (wild) 1st Place
P085-Broad Bodied Chaser with dew(W)-Adrian Davey-Launceston CC21 Dartmoor Stream Geoff Trevarthen Commended21 Chris Robbins Sitting in the Bluebells 3rd Place06 Nick Bodle Misty Morning Derwent Second Place Colour
22 The Coppers Ian Smith Commended21 Shaugh Tunnel Simon Harry-Commended22 Mike Pettett Hattie Commended24 The Undercroft Battle Abbey Nick Bodle First Place
P101-Poppy Head Display-Heather-Bodle-Launceston CC22 Geoff Trevarthen Lake Wakatipu & The Tooth Peaks Commended24 Chris Robbins Loggerhead Turtle in a shoal of fish CommendedP117-Clints Grykes and Viaduct-Nick Bodle-Launceston CC
28 Heather Bodle Rose Display First Place23 Windhover Adrian Davey Second PlaceP133-Tough Guys-Mike Stickney-Launceston CC24 Hydrangea Petals Hilary Phillips Commended
P149-Breaking Out The Mist-Heather Bodle-Launceston CC25 Tracey Small Lexie Highly Commended26 Body Hidden in Brambles Geoff Trevarthen Commended26 Reuben Tracey Small Highly Commended
26 Hilary Phillips Shoo-fly Seedheads CommendedP165-Misty Morning Buttermere-Nick Bodle-Launceston CC26 Bob Jiggins Duloe Highly Commended27 Mike Stickney Angles & Curves Commended
P181-Speckled Bush-Cricket Nymph(W)-Hilary Philips-Launceston CC28 The Lookout Heather Bodle Highly CommendedP197-Hop-Flowers-Heather Boble-Launceston CC29 Swans in the Mist Heather Bodle Commended
29 Fishing Tracey Small Third Place30 Ian Smith Garden Snail 3rd PlaceP213-Blue on Yellow -Adrian Davey-Launceston CCP229-Samantha-Julia Hobday-Launceston CC
30 Chris Robbins The Veil #2 2nd Place31 Surf and Surfer at Croyd Alan Vanier Highly Commended02 Hilary Phillips Sunday Afternoon Commended B&WP069-A Dogs Last Days-Chris Robbins-Launceston CC
05 Chris Robbins A Dog's Last Days Overall Winner, Overall Winner 1st Place B&W,09 Mike Pettett The Housekeeper 2nd Place Colour35 Mike Pettett View across the Vltava Highly Commended11 Hugh Letheren Tracey 3rd Place Colour
36 Yellowhammer power Ballad Adrian Davey 2nd Place36 Bob Jiggins Oxfordshire Sky 2nd Place15 highly com Hilary Phillips Harvestmen Devouring Spider's Prey (W)13 Chris Robbins Morwenna Highly Commended Colour
31 Nick Bodle Ashness Bridge in Autumn Third Place38 Every Poppy is a soldier Ian Smith 1st Place39 Hugh Letheren Spotted Hyena eating Pink Flamingo Lake Nakuru Highly Commended17 highly com Chris Robbins Stoat with it's Prey(W)
39 Kingfisher on lookout Adrian Davey 2nd Place17 Hugh Letheren Lyn Chritmas Market Stallholder Commended Colour18 Julia Hobday Stephanie  1st Place Colour04 Hilary Phillips Hoverfly Larva feeding on Yarrow Aphid Commended
07 Adrian Davey Oystercatcher 1st  colour print48 Gold Paul Farrington 3rd Place09 Hilary Phillips Common Green Capsid Bug Nymph Feeding 2nd Place10 Chris Robbins Notch-horned Cleg-fly Highly Commended
30 2nd Adrian Davey Crab Spider on Globe Flower31 highly com Hilary Phillips Hoverfly Larva Eating Yarrow Aphid (W)12 Geoff Trevarthen Garden Cross Spider with prey (Colour Print) 3rd Place32 1st dpi 1st overall Chris Robbins The Birth of an Aphid(semi C)
13 Adrian Davey Thick Legged Flower Beetle Highly commended colour print Highly Commended15 Geoff Trevarthen Herring Gull  2nd Place Mono42 highly com Heather Bodle Wall Pennywort (W)44 3rd Adrian Davey Sparrowhawk drinking
45 highly com Hilary Phillips Ichneumon Wasps (W)