Digital files are required for all Prints

A while back we added the requirement to provide a digital image of your prints - Why?

  1. It provides a record of the image for the external competition selectors to select from
  2. It allows the competition to be run from Dicentra
    • This gives a good record of the competition in a standard format
    • This is use to keep track of the photographer of the year
  3. It also allows us to provide the judge with thumbnails of the prints
    • Many judges use thumbnails as visual cues for their notes
    • When we judge a phone picture of the print is taken if we don't get thumbnails
    • All competition entries are uploaded after each competition to sync.com.
    • It is important that print entries are included.
    • This provides any member with the opportunity to review the entries and more importantly to provide the external competition selection committee with easy access to find suitable images to submit on behalf of the club for a range of external competitions.
    • All members have access to sync.com. Please get in touch with the secretary if you do not currently have access.

If you don't have a digital version of your print just take a picture of the print. NB It doesn't have to be a quality image, so a phone image is fine