Q&A's - Reusing the same photo

Question: What are the rules regarding re-using a photo already shown at some competition or exhibition?

For example:
  • Can any photo entered in the WCPF Members Exhibition be used again in a LCC, CPA, WCPF or related competition?
  • Can a photo entered into a CPA competition be used in an LCC competition or vice-versa.
  • What are the exceptions, if any?
  • Presumably a photo entered in LCC, CPA or WCPF can also be entered in any other external competition or publication (e.g. APOY competition)?

Answer: If you enter a photo into an LCC competition you may only reuse this photo in the LCC Grand Slam Competition. However, you can enter this same photo in any external competition including CPA, WCPF or any other non-affiliated event. Similarly, you can use any photo that you have used in the CPA, WCPF or any other non-affiliated event into an LCC competition.