Help and advice to club members

The following table lists LCC Members who are willing to provide some help and advice to club members who may be looking for guidance to improve their photography skills.

If you are happy to provide such a service to others, please send Nigel (newatson@outlook.com) a note of any potential aspect upon which you would be willing to provide help and he will add you to the list into the table

This table will be available from our Club website and on our internal LCC Facebook Page.

Support AreasLCC Mentors
PhotoshopHugh Letheren
LightroomHugh Letheren
LightroomPedro Landers
LightroomNigel Watson
Lightroom 6Pete Grant
Affinity photoPete Grant
Sequator (Star Tracker for Windows)Pete Grant
Starry Landscape Stacker (Star Tracker for Mac)Nigel Watson
Nikon NX StudioPete Grant
Photopills (smartphone app)Pete Grant
Canon DSLRsPedro Landers
Nikon DslrsPete Grant
Nikon MirrorlessPete Grant
Canon R5Nigel Watson
Godox tt685n speedlights and wireless triggersPete Grant
Macro for insect photographyPedro Landers
MacroDibs Davey
Beginners with portrait photographyChris Robbins
Studio portraiturePete Grant
Wildlife photographyPedro Landers
Wildlife photographyDibs Davey
Wildlife photographyNigel Watson
Night PhotographyPete Grant
What judges are trained to look forPedro Landers