Competition Rules

No image / photograph to be used for more than ONE competition with the exception of the Grand Slam.

A Maximum of FOUR entries for each competition with no more than THREE in any one section, these numbers to be altered, as needed, at the discretion of the Internal Competitions Secretary.

There are normally 3 sections :- Colour Prints, Mono Prints and Digital Projected Image (DPI).

NB All competition entries must be handed in or emailed on or before due date to the competition secretary (

Only paid up members can enter competitions.

Failure to follow guide lines may mean your entry is not accepted

Print Entries
1. Prints may be home or Trade processed and should be mounted.
2. Maximum size of mount 500mm x 400mm
3. All prints to be clearly marked on TOP RIGHT corner on rear of mount with Title, Members’ Club Number, Competition Title and also B/W or Colour - NO NAMES
4. The subjects for the competitions shall be selected annually.
5. If possible, prints will be judged by an outside judge. If not, then by a competent member or members.
6. The first three to be placed in order of merit.
7. All prints entered at owner’s risk

Please Note: It is a requirement that all print entries must also have an electronic version submitted in the same format as DPIs, by the same due date as for prints. The naming requirements are similar to those for DPIs but should be in the format below to distinguish them from the projected images section. They should be sent to the competition secretary ( or provided on a memory stick or disc. Prints submitted without a DPI version will not be judged. Title format. P_Full Name of Author_Title For example P_Nick Bodle_Pain in the Neck.

Digital Projected Image Entries (DPI’s)
1. All images must be sized 1600 wide x 1200 high pixels or within that size if any dimensions are larger then they will not be entered into the competition.
2. DPI’s must be .jpg and sRGB colour space
3. DPI’s must be Titled as follows :-
Name of the author as first and last name - underscore - title.
Name Author_Title : -
ie Nick Bodle_Pain in the Neck
4. Entries can be emailed to Competition Secretary (, or handed in on NAMED disc or memory stick, so they can be returned easily
5. Memory stick / CD/DVD entries:- put the images submitted in a folder on the device with the authors name and inside the folder each image titled as above :-
ie folder name :- Nick Bodle
file :- Nick Bodle_Pain in the Neck

6. Judging will be as print competition. Images to be judged by projection.
7. Competition subjects as for print competition.
8. Files, Discs and memory sticks entered at owner’s risk.